Sherry Levitan Fertility Lawyer in Toronto

Meet Sherry Levitan

Sherry Levitan was one of the original pioneers in the field of third party reproductive law, and is now recognized as a leading surrogacy and fertility lawyer in Canada. She also teaches (and learns from) the next generation of lawyers at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law.

After graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1984, she was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1986, and has been doing fertility and surrogacy law since 1991. Her law practice is exclusively devoted to this highly specialized area.

Sherry regularly acts on behalf of intended parents who are trying to achieve a pregnancy with the assistance of sperm donors, ovum donors, embryo donors or surrogates, and has also represented donors and surrogates. Over the past 20+ years, she has worked on over 2,500 surrogacy agreements and more than 1,500 egg donation agreements.

Her expertise includes:

  • Fertility Coaching
  • Surrogacy Agreements
  • Egg Donor Agreements
  • Embryo Donation Agreements
  • Sperm Donor Agreements
  • Birth Registrations (Ontario)
  • Research and advice to fertility clinics, sperm banks, egg banks and agencies

Sherry is frequently asked to provide insight and context regarding surrogacy law and fertility law for the news media, including CTV, Canada AM, CBC, CBC Radio, ET Canada, Macleans Magazine, The National Post, The Toronto Star, Today’s Parent Magazine, The Walrus, and The Law Times.

She was a long time director of Fertility Matters Canada (formerly IAAC, the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada), a national not for profit advocacy group committed to providing educational material, support and assistance to individuals and couples who are experiencing infertility. In a treasured role, Sherry was appointed to sit on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS), a position she held for 7 years.

Sherry is also legal counsel to several pre-eminent Canadian fertility clinics and has been invited to testify before the federal Standing Committee of Health, and to participate in the development of guidelines by the Federal Ministry of Health for the practice of third party reproduction.

She is pictured here with her poodle Bo, also known as Bobo, Beauregard, Beaurgardless, Bodacious, Bagel Boy and Bojangles. Sadly we lost Bo, who was the bestest boy and is still in our hearts.