Sherry Levitan Fertility Lawyer in Toronto

Meet Our Team

Sherry Levitan understands that you want more than expert advice about fertility law; you also want efficient and responsive support. So she’s assembled a dedicated team to make sure there will always be someone available when you need help.

Pictured From Left to Right:

  • Ivana Presutto – Legal Assistant
  • Gilah Shimansky – Certified Law Clerk
  • Sherry Levitan – Fertility & Surrogacy Lawyer
  • Concetta, historically a vital part of our team, but now practising in another field

Ivana provides client support and administration for surrogacy and donor agreements and is the main point of contact for Ontario birth registrations.

Gilah is the liaison for agency-based ovum donation agreements

Call us at 416-784-1222.

Sherry Levitan Fertility Law Team – Ivana Presutto, Gilah Shimansky, Sherry Levitan, Concetta Iskender