Sherry Levitan Fertility Lawyer in Toronto

Legal Fees

Most lawyers set an hourly rate and charge for their time. That is a wonderful approach for the lawyer, as it values his/her time, but is a bit risky for the client. In order to help intended parents set a budget, Sherry is now offering fixed fees for English speaking clients, as follows:
  • Ovum Donation Agreement (agency): $1200
  • Ovum Donation Agreement (known): $1500
  • Sperm Donation Agreement (known): $1500
  • Surrogacy Agreement (agency): $3000
  • Surrogacy Agreement (family/friend): Please call to discuss
  • Review of Surrogacy Agreement on behalf of surrogate: $2000
  • Birth Registration Ontario: $1000
*HST is levied on all legal fees.
*Fees for non-English speaking clients may be slightly higher. Let’s discuss.